Development Software Seattle

Best workplace for Developers in Seattle? It isn’t Google, Amazon, or Microsoft. It’s Fulcrum Technologies (Fulcrum.Net).

Situated in-between Lake Union and the iconic Space Needle is a hip haven for Seattle developers.   Fulcrum Technologies is tiny compared to Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, but that’s part of the appeal. Because of the relatively “small” size, we are able to have a more relaxed atmosphere than our giant corporate counterparts. (The ones with all those claustrophobic rules). 

Sometimes we order pizza for the group just because we love pizza. Sometimes we have bourbon tastings, because… well, we love bourbon too. There are game nights where the CTO fires up Halo on the big screen and takes on all challengers. There are afternoon ping-pong tournaments where you can showcase your ninja paddle skills (or lack thereof, we don’t judge). Once in awhile you will even see a drone go flying through the building, and we’re still not sure what that’s about.

We have guitarists, a well known DJ, a magician, some awesome rock climbers, a motorcycle enthusiast, and some sport fans (10% of the company went to the Superbowl last year).

What we don’t have is YOU. Come work side-by-side with our CTO and development group on a variety of fun technologies. Come take ownership of delivering new products and new functionality to our customers. This will include implementing those new products within our database infrastructure, on our backend stack, within our UI, and throughout our mobile products. Our stack includes an Oracle RDBMS, Java, JSP, HTML5, AngularJS, Cordova, and a variety of third party libraries including Jackson, Jersey, and any other tool you might need. Our IDE of choice is IntelliJ running on a MacBook Pro, and all of our Engineers have a 27 inch Thunderbolt display.

We use a variety of tools to deliver these products that include an Oracle RDBMS, a Java service layer that runs in both WebLogic or Tomcat, JSP Pages using HTML 5 and AngularJS, and mobile products running on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.  Heck, we even have a 3D printer if you get bored.

Send us an email to and tell us how you can create amazing things.