Fulcrum Developers Almost Kicked Ass @ Geekwire Ping-Pong Tournament... Definitely Kicked Ass For Style Points.

On March 26th, several members of the Fulcrum Research and Development group participated in the Geekwire ping-pong event in Seattle at the Showbox SODO in Seattle.  While many of the members had a great showing, they were ultimately knocked out before the finals.

That said, they definitely had a great time, AND set the record for "style points".   For more information about the event, see the recap at Geekwire.  There were more than 700 people in attendance, which even included a national anthem by Peter Hamilton.  

The serious quote of the night came from Carl, a senior developer at Fulcrum, speaking to a developer from a rival company:  "At Fulcrum you have more control and direction over your own career."  

The  less serious quote of the night came from 'The Jackal', "Don't buy a new ping-pong paddle two days before the big tournament."