Seattle Food

10 Best Restaurants In Seattle

With 55 responses to a restaurant survey of people who regularly frequent the Seattle restaurants, here is the 2016 list of Top 10 Seattle Restaurants (not in order):

Chans – unbelievable fusion food with flair. Not sure what to get?  Get a multi-course meal and let them bring you a taste of everything.

Il Corvo – the most authentic Italian food you can eat.  You have to stand in line similar to ordering soup on Seinfeld, but when you get the food (and a table) you will love it.  Usually only 3 choices on the menu on any given day - and they are all good. 

Salumi – sandwiches and meats to die for. The Pancetta sandwich is the most amazing thing you can imagine, and a crowd favorite.

Japonessa – Latin influenced sushi.  Everything is fresh, inventive, and often spicy... the house favorite is the "Super Bad Boy" roll, with a side of Citrus Habanero sauce to drizzle on it. 

Roaring Bowl – Cook your raw foods in amazing soup, which include Spicy Miso, our favorite.  The veggie plate works great, the sauces to add are perfect, and the meat cooks up perfect in the soup.  Try the dumpling meat combo if you are new...

Butcher Table – steak that melts in your mouth.  It has gotten higher reviews and raves than even the king of Seattle steak, el Gaucho.

Tats – Philly cheese sandwich is SO good.  You stand in line, yes, but totally worth the wait.  Pay the extra money to make it large, and let gluttony reign.  

Casco Antiguo – Artisan mexican food, the way you wish they all were.  They craft everything to the finest detail, including the sauces.  

Serious Biscuit and Pie – Pizza or biscuit combos… you cannot beat them.  The chicken on a biscuit is incredible.  Like if God made Chick-Fil-A sandwiches.  

Mamnoon – Syrian food that is fresh and tasty, in a great, well done environment.  Also huge props to their sister location, the MBar, which has incredible views of the Space Needle and Lake Union.

Honorable mention:

67 for the view

Buddha Ruska for the Garlic Chicken which is so good they call it “Crack Chicken"

El Gaucho – such elegance, and absolutely amazing food.  See and be seen place.

Berliner – The kebab on german flatbread is a party in your mouth