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Long Ball Golf Driving Competition

Fulcrum had a driving range contest to kick off the long weekend, which included a long ball competition.  Patrick Burke crushed one to the back fence, dropped the mike, high-fived the waitress, collected the trophy, and walked out.  Cosmin and Carl took 2nd and 3rd!

Carl Taylor, amidst a storm of heckling from his co-workers, takes second place in the Fulcrum driving contest in Seattle, Washington.  

Carl Taylor, amidst a storm of heckling from his co-workers, takes second place in the Fulcrum driving contest in Seattle, Washington.  

Fulcrum Technology Ping Pong Hall of Champions:

The tournament winners for Fulcrum's weekly ping pong championship are as follows:

Ping Pong at Work.jpg



Carl (2)

Carlos (2)



Carl (3)

Carl (4)

Carl (5)



Brian (2)

Carl (6)


Patrick F





Carlos (3)

Carl (7)

Brian (4)

Brian (5)

Carl (8)

Brian (6)

Carlos (4)

Carl (9)

Carl (10)


Carl (11) (Using tiny paddle in the finals)

Shauna Balderson Climbs up to Glacier Basin, Mount Rainier

Shauna Balderson, the Fulcrum CFO, took in some expansive views of Mount Rainier, thanks to a hike up to Glacier Basin.  Shauna got up-close views of Emmons Glacier, lakes, and other features of the Glacier Basin Loop's diverse landscape. 

Along the way, a half-mile side trail heads up Emmons Moraine and offers incredible views of Emmons Glacier, the largest sheet of ice on Rainier, and a milky blue-green glacial lake below. Another mile up, pass the junction with the Burroughs Mountain Trail and continue to the Glacier Basin wilderness camp in a forested glen. 

Just beyond the camp, Glacier Basin opens up in all its glory, with wide meadows, a large shimmering tarn, and views up The Mountain of The Wedge and Mount Ruth.


Fulcrum’s own Shauna Balderson recently conquered the Pacific Crest Trail!

Fulcrum’s adventurous CFO Shauna Balderson recently conquered one of the hardest stretches of the Pacific Crest Trail, a world renown hiking and equestrian route which lines up with the peaks of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges.  This trail runs about 100 to 150 miles east of the U.S. Pacific coast, with a southern start point on the U.S. border with Mexico, and a northern end point on the Canada–USA border. Shauna jumped in at the Big Bear start point at 7,000 feet elevation. Shauna saw a litany of flora, fauna, and landscape changes throughout her hike – which made the long hike (and sore legs) totally worth it.

Pacific Crest Trail Sunset.jpeg

Paul Haury, Fulcrum Technologies

So, Paul Haury happened.  For years, actually, Paul Haury happened… juggling untold numbers of hats, and handling thousands of Fulcrum issues with thousands of Fulcrum solutions.  He was part corporate architect, part motivational speaker, part psychologist, part project manager, part piñata.  He was all those things and more.

His bio on the website said “He Keeps Everything Clicking with Heart and Soul”.  And at the core, that’s what he did.  He kept the departments, the technology, the solutions, the morale, the relationships, and the inspiration clicking, enabling and empowering Fulcrum to succeed in a litany of ways that aren’t even visible to most.  

You quickly learn that this man *knows*…*his*…*shit*.  He has a quote, saying, methodology, and applicable business tidbit for any possible scenario or paradigm – known as a “Paulism”.  This pragmatic and effective stream of consciousness comes from a vigorous and constant quest for learning, exploring, and reading of pretty much every business and tech journal he can get his hands on.  

He’s moving on, to be corporate architect, motivational speaker, psychologist, project manager, and piñata to a bigger audience.  And he’s taking his trademark hat with him but leaving some big-ass size 18 Shaquille o’Neal shoes to fill.       

Yes, Paul Haury happened.  And it was a very, very, very good thing.  Peace be the journey, friend.  

Snowflakes at Fulcrum Seattle Headquarters!

Susan is not just a genius at ALM, but also snowflakes as well - orchestrating some brilliant cut-outs with many of the Seattle Fulcrum employees... and also surprised everyone with a giant cheese spread to encourage their creativity.  The final pieces included some awesome Star Wars flakes based on the awesome patterns by Anthony Herrera, and the entire lot has made the HQ main entry much more festive!

The New Hire Dare: Touching The Fountain At the Seattle Center

Lisa demonstrates the dare that all new hires have to do at Fulcrum - touching the middle ball of the fountain at the Seattle Center,  53% of those who attempt it get soaked beyond all comprehension by a water cannon, but its well worth it, Fulcrum rocks!  (No Lisa's were harmed in the production of this dare...) #FUNWITHAPURPOSE