A Perk of Working in Seattle’s Tech Corridor? Water Beetles for Lunch.

Fulcrum Technologies headquarters is located in the exploding tech corridor of Seattle, situated between the iconic CenturyLink Field and the vibrant International district.  The recent deluge of tech workers in Seattle also brought an equally large influx of restaurants, which are quickly gaining international notoriety for their quality, diversity, and innovative nature. 

The innovation is evident in the cuisine almost everywhere.  In the Fulcrum seats at Mariner games, employees can snack on “Chapulines”, which are crickets sautéed with garlic, chiles, and lime juice.  Just down the road are 5 different varieties of chicken feet to eat for those who are willing to work (or gnaw) for their food.  If you have a craving for an octopus burrito stuffed with fish eggs and seaweed, you can find it quickly.  Want an alligator, camel, or ostrich burger?  You can find that as well.  Hungry for PB&J jalapeno poppers?  No problemo.

One of the most experimental foods drawing the computer crowd is balut, which was tried by the Fulcrum CFO on a recent team outing.  She chased the ‘developed duck egg’ down with a few chicken heart nuggets dipped in chili oil and a Habanero infused Lychee martini. One of the other Fulcrum-ites was even more adventurous, opting for the sashimi (i.e., raw) water beetles for lunch.  These are even trickier to eat than the balut, requiring the careful removal of the head and legs to allow for the suction removal of the guts. 

Whichever direction you wander, you’ll discover new foods to try.  Armenian, Cajun, Chechen, Azerbaijani, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Belarusian, Malaysian, Mexican, Native American, Polish, Pakistani, Syrian, Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Pakistani, Russian, Turkish, Peruvian, Thai, Brazilian, Ethiopian, Indian, Filipino, and many, many more.

There are dozens of types of ethnic food choices in Seattle, and all of them – even the water beetles – are a fantastic culinary experience.  So the next time you’re in the Fulcrum seats at Safeco and Brent hands you a basket of fried chili-lime crickets to try… embrace the Seattle food culture and dig right in.