Paul Haury, Fulcrum Technologies

So, Paul Haury happened.  For years, actually, Paul Haury happened… juggling untold numbers of hats, and handling thousands of Fulcrum issues with thousands of Fulcrum solutions.  He was part corporate architect, part motivational speaker, part psychologist, part project manager, part piñata.  He was all those things and more.

His bio on the website said “He Keeps Everything Clicking with Heart and Soul”.  And at the core, that’s what he did.  He kept the departments, the technology, the solutions, the morale, the relationships, and the inspiration clicking, enabling and empowering Fulcrum to succeed in a litany of ways that aren’t even visible to most.  

You quickly learn that this man *knows*…*his*…*shit*.  He has a quote, saying, methodology, and applicable business tidbit for any possible scenario or paradigm – known as a “Paulism”.  This pragmatic and effective stream of consciousness comes from a vigorous and constant quest for learning, exploring, and reading of pretty much every business and tech journal he can get his hands on.  

He’s moving on, to be corporate architect, motivational speaker, psychologist, project manager, and piñata to a bigger audience.  And he’s taking his trademark hat with him but leaving some big-ass size 18 Shaquille o’Neal shoes to fill.       

Yes, Paul Haury happened.  And it was a very, very, very good thing.  Peace be the journey, friend.