The Best French Fries in Seattle, Washington

Fulcrum's own Michael Knowles, a foremost expert in french fries, spent years searching Seattle for the best fries people could make.  He tried regular, single fry, double fried, truffle, cajun, crinkle, Shoestring fries, Steak, dipped, waffle, curly, chili cheese, poutine, blue potato, garlic, yucca, sweet potato, paprika dusted, and blue cheese fries.  In the process, he kept coming back to the simple, well executed double fries, where both the purists and the connoisseurs could relish in the food-gasm that french fries can deliver.

The top five for Michael, in order, is:


Bait Shop

Li'l Woody's

Café Presse

Katsu's Nori fries (Katsu has fantastic fries but Michael admits they are "not for everyone")

Lowell's made the top of Michael's list, because "the cooking was perfection. The process was simple-but-well-executed. Right amount of salt. No sugar on coating (so common nowadays)
Really - nothing special with them, just very simple-done-great!"

Honorable mentions for having print-worthy fries:  Dicks (a late night favorite), and Uneeda (freakin' amazing in general).

For sweet potato fries, Michael recommends Smiths.

For truffle fries, its Canlis.

Lowell's of Seattle French Fries, Michaels favorite....

Lowell's of Seattle French Fries, Michaels favorite....