Fulcrum's EVP Mark's Mission of Mercy to Haiti:

Our EVP Mark traveled to Haiti on a mission of mercy, and made a difference in a group of impoverished children, and found a connection in the international sport of Soccer.  

The kids (ages 3-12) found an area that had a pile of dirt in Haiti, where part of it has been leveled for pick up soccer.  There they played their hearts out.  He visited with kids on the outskirts of town – a town connected by a dirt road, where the kids living there have virtually nothing.  Their houses are blue tarps on sticks with maybe a wall or two.  They are required to wear uniforms to school they can't afford.  They had never flown a kite before, for example.  (They have now!)

They made a soccer field by leveling out a dirt pile where they had enough room to play pickup games.  Mark helped provide shoes, uniforms, and soccer balls for them to play in real games against stronger, sponsored teams.

Fulcrum is proud of Mark for using his own resources, vacation time, and energy to make a difference in so many children’s lives!

Fun facts: 

They know the English word ‘you’… so they say you you you you.

Stanley (pictured in an awesome t-shirt, below) doesn't wear pants. He may not have any.  Stanley runs the show there. What he says goes, with a smile. No pants. And clear leadership. Americans feel sorry for Haiti, and Haiti is very poor, but Stanley could teach a thing or two to America:

(Be) Happy with or without. 

Make the most of what u have.

When you look extreme poverty in the face.

There are flowers growing……………..