Chiso Lunch, Freemont Restaurant:

Isles and Mick enjoyed a Fulcrum lunch today at Freemont's Chiso Sushi, which specializes in... shockingly... sushi!  There was some heated dialogue at one point when Mick yelled out the iconic, infamous "WASABIIIIIIIIIII!", to which the Chef replied "Dude that was funny in 2006 and some parts of 2007, but now it is culturally irrellevant."  Mick replied "Anything as culturally engrained as that iconic sushi-themed outburst is culturally relevent for up to 15 years as long as it was delivered with appropriate segue, inflection, and timing.  I had all three."  The Chef thought for a moment before nodding, and bowing.  Isles had no comment.