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Ghost assets: How to Find and Remove Every Single Ghost Asset:

“A ‘ghost asset’ is a component that is lost, stolen, or unusable… but is still listed as active in the fixed asset database. You want to maximize spares and avoid paying taxes on ghost assets you don’t possess, so the vanquishing of ‘ghosts’ is critical for your CAPEX optimization.

In the movie Ghostbusters, they vanquished the ghosts through the use of multi-pronged triangulation. That same approach can be done for finding ghost assets, where you hunt them with multiple different solutions.  The most common and pervasive is the use of mobile solutions to scan valuable physical assets, inventory, and infrastructure throughout their lifecycle.  On top of that, you can hunt them with OSS, BSS, and ERP systems, as well as e-polling technology.  

When you have refreshed all connected system databases, you can then audit and reconcile the main asset database of record using CATS from Fulcrum Technologies.  This will accurately update asset status for any assets that have vanished and do not appear in the audits.  The reconciliation process can even match lost to found items - like if someone along the supply chain changed the label or if an asset comes back from repair with a different label.  In that case, it wouldn’t necessarily be a ghost asset, as CATS would discern the match.  

The best practice for keeping ghosts at bay?  Scanning with the CATS mobile solution at every possible transaction point; receiving, warehousing, transfer, placed into service, sent to repair, and decommissioning / retirement / disposal.  Then, reconciling the data in CATS to ensure the accuracy of every connected system, as well as the asset database of record.

If you want to call the (asset) Ghostbusters, just email  

Fulcrum Technologies Launches Capex Optimization Consulting Practice

Fulcrum Technologies, a global provider of Asset Lifecycle Management solutions, today announced a new consulting practice to help Communication Service Providers optimize their supply chain and business operations from end to end.


SEATTLE, WA. — March 1, 2016 — Fulcrum Technologies, maker of the CATS Asset Lifecycle Management software, today announced the formation of Fulcrum Consulting Services (FCS) - a consulting services organization aimed at helping Communication Service Providers (CSPs) get visibility, gain insight, and take control of their business operations.  Fulcrum Technologies has consulted for Finance Managers, Supply Chain Executives, Network Operations, and Engineering Managers from over 40 different CSPs, and is positioned to engage with additional clients who are interested in enhancing their CapEx Optimization plans.

Fulcrum, along with logistics management partners, SIs and complimentary technology partners, can assess your business operations and provide solid practices to optimize your Asset Lifecycle Management and other Supply Chain Management functions - from acquisition to retirement. This includes management of warehousing, inventory, warranties, spares, and more, and gives a precise snapshot of what is actually active (as well as the geographic location of inventory) to allow for accurate property tax payments. It also provides best practices for compliance with governing and internal process controls, which greatly reduces organizational and regulatory risks. 

FCS offers two pre-packaged offerings. The first consulting package is the “ALM Readiness Review.”  This option includes two days of on-site meetings, stakeholder interviews, detailed questionnaires, and intense analysis of key ALM areas, all followed by a detailed report of findings and recommendations. 

The second consulting package is the “Business Operations Review.”  This option includes two on-site trips - one week on the front end to do data gathering, and two days on the back end to present findings and recommendations.  The areas of study include inventory turns, equipment out for repair or return, taxation, time from receipt of asset to installation, sparing levels and philosophy, reuse, decommissioning management, and audit process and capabilities.  Following the data gathering and analysis, the consultants will produce a PMO (Present Mode of Operations), an FMO (Future Mode of Operations), a report comparing PMO with industry best practices and metrics, and an ROI analysis.

Additionally, FCS will engage with end clients and strategic partners to provide any custom engagement format desired.

“Having engaged with over 40 Communication Services Providers in the past 17 years, Fulcrum understands very well the considerations that CSPs have in optimizing their investments in network equipment. Over 50 percent of a CSP’s annual spend is on network assets and we understand the best practices associated with tracking, managing and optimizing those assets. Fulcrum’s new consulting division will provide consulting services directly to our end clients as well as through a variety of partners. These services will help our clients understand the processes, workflows, and best practices required to achieve phenomenal savings on their network spend,” states Brent Bauer, CEO and Founder of Fulcrum Technologies. 

Communication Service Providers wanting more information about FCS consulting offerings should visit www.ALM.Consulting to learn more.