ALM Can Automate Transportation and Logistics

Logistics accuracy and timing is critical to customers. If you’re a business and deliver the wrong item or fail to deliver it on-time then you have likely lost that customer’s business. To achieve a right first-time delivery we recommend automating your collection and delivery processes to incorporate mobile computers, wearable computers and other barcode equipment, along with our software solutions to give you visibility, insight, and control of your moving assets. Here are some logistics areas that can be automated to provide a more accurate and quicker process that ensures a better customer experience.

Sortation and Vehicle Loading – Sorting and loading the right packages is critical for delivery accuracy. Any failed delivery or return results in a cost to the business. With wearable mobile computers and voice-based software, you can more quickly and easily sort and load packages. 

Dispatch – Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost each year on fuel costs that are a result of ineffective routes and delivery scheduling. ALM can provide your business with continuously optimal reliable routes while using fewer trucks, miles and drivers. It also enables real-time appointment scheduling in order to keep fleet operations productive and profitable while increasing customer satisfaction.

Delivery and Collection – Confirmation and proof of delivery is the final element of item tracking. However, many times package deliveries cannot be confirmed due to lost paperwork. Using a mobile computer and point of delivery software allows a driver to confirm the proof of delivery.

Vehicle Checks For Accuracy– Missing paperwork, illegible handwriting and sorting through dozens of paperwork can make collecting manual data from drivers a nightmare. With our technology, we have the ability to transform paper documents into an automated form that is accessible through a mobile computer. 

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