Fulcrum CATS can be configured to track and manage anything in your asset or infrastructure world - including humans.

CATS can track and manage anything you need us to.  This could include humans if needed... which the NFL is already doing:

Last year, the league partnered with Zebra Technologies to install its radio-frequency identification (RFID) system, called MotionWorks, in 18 stadiums, and in 2015 that tracking system will be rolled out to the remaining sites, including Wembley in London. Over the last decade, RFID has become an integral part of any major company’s supply chain logistics and inventory tracking systems. Now it's set to help teams run their football logistics and track their inventories across the playing field.

Though a major motivator for using Zebra’s technology is to improve the TV experience for fans, three teams in particular—the 49ers, Lions, and Saints—have embraced using it not just during games, but in practice, too. “Our first-year goal was a way to monitor each player during the course of the work week,” says Sean Payton, head coach of the Saints. By keeping an eye on distances and speeds run in practice, the Saints modified training to try and reduce soft-tissue injuries.

The technology in the NFL uses is contained in bottle-cap sized chips inserted into the shoulder pads of NFL players, which actively sends out their own radio signals. This information is then picked up by a series of 20 receivers placed high up in the stadium, and the location of each player can then be worked out through triangulation. Additionally, each of Zebra’s RFID chips is Bluetooth-compatible, and could be used to re-transmit information from any biometric sensors.

The key question right now, though, is how much access teams will have to the data collected by the NFL. If they had this information stored in CATS CenterPoint, they would have intelligent, powerful, and flexible options with managing their assets, data, and actionable intelligence.  

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